About me.

My Background

I’m a user experience designer based in Brooklyn. My outlook on work and life is based on caring about what you do and whom you do it for. My user-centered and multidisciplinary approach to product and user experience design has grown through my experiences of living in New York City, San Francisco, and Austin, and my travels to London, Mexico City, Quito, Tokyo, and Toronto.

What I Believe In

The power of design to unlock creativity, foster collaboration, and arrive at innovative solutions. I believe a commitment to design can facilitate that. Having an equal regard for empirical evidence and ideas with the potential to push the boundaries of possibility. Aiming for solutions that are useful as they are meaningful. Balancing user needs and business goals. Working collaboratively to unlock the potential to change lives and change the world. Learning, regardless of success or failure. That, to me, is design. A labor of love. For people. Design. Ideas. Problem-solving. Products. Research. Semantics. Simplicity. Solutions. And thoughtfulness.

Let's Connect

Few things can top good coffee… or a good conversation across any medium. If you are interested in a potential collaboration, have any questions, or would like to know more about my work, I would be happy to connect.

A Few More Things...

If you would like to know me a bit more before we connect, here are three things about me below:


One Sunday afternoon, my maternal grandmother made frittata for me at age ten or so. As she prepared it using fresh ingredients from her garden, I looked on with incredible admiration and much timidity. Little did she know that she changed the trajectory of my life. It is because of her that I began to improve my communication skills.


Music soothes my soul. I cannot fathom an existence without it. For work, I tend to go with electronic, jazz or classical. When possible, I enjoy attending live music performances.


Call it (European) football or soccer – I am quite passionate about it, and other sports too. Since the age of 8, I have been an avid supporter of FC Barcelona, Boca Juniors, the Italian National Team, and the U.S. National Team.

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