Passion Projects: Convergence


Initial sketch (Pencil)


Photo references, paper, pencil, and black pen.




When I think of connections, relationships come to mind. Relationships with the potential to lead us toward the discovery of what we do not know which reframe how we view things. To that end, I believe connections can be made between ideas, processes, and disciplines. So I drew this piece to reflect that. What started out in pencil ultimately ended being inked using a black Micron 0.5mm pen, to make the piece stand out.

Final piece (Inked)

As human beings, perhaps we take for granted our exploratory and inquisitive nature. I believe it is in our DNA to explore connections between things to acquire knowledge and improve things. So I drew this piece to reflect that. There is an interconnectedness between a neural pathway, string theory, quantum theory, the Sombrero galaxy, karyotypes, and HTML code. By discovering relationships and creating substantiveness  between various sources of knowledge, we can break down the silos that impede our societal forward progress. In doing so, I believe the twenty-first century will bring disciplines together and make things once considered "impossible" into a reality.


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